We offer free delivery subject to distance and quantity. Our lorries are crane-mounted and custom built so we can try our best to unload your order exactly where you need it. Our cranes have a reach of 8 metres and a lifting capacity of 1.2 tons at full reach. This means we can crane over obstacles if there is sufficient access and it is safe to do so. We will give you a delivery date/time on ordering and will try our best to work around you.


Do you have something to sell? Give us a call or send us a message using our handy WhatsApp button with pictures, quantity and location. If we have the space, we will buy it. Prices offered will vary depending on quantity and location – the more you have, the more we pay.

We have a policy of only buying materials with an acceptable future lifespan. We will not buy anything that is:

Visibly frost damaged

Painted and not the original manufacturer’s finish

Coated in tar

Slid and badly damaged

What to expect from a collection

We bring our pallets and tools necessary for collections. Once we have loaded everything onto pallets, we will count what is there and pay you accordingly by your chosen payment method.

The process of loading is as follows:

Please ensure that there is sufficient access and room next to the collection for our pallets.

We will load the pallets halfway, strap them, and then fill the pallet to the top, ready for counting. Once the pallet has been counted and checked by our customer, we will bag the pallets ready for loading.

Once the pallets are ready, we will load them using the lorry-mounted crane and slings. They will then be strapped and secured to ensure they are safe for transporting.

Finally, we will pay you via your chosen method.