Reclaimed Slates

Natural slates have been used since the 14th century and are still one of the most popular roofing products to date. They can be used on most projects from heritage to new builds. Reclaimed slate is the preferred option for period projects due to its quality and weathered characteristics. The quality is undeniable with lifespans exceeding 100 years in most cases.

We stock reclaimed Welsh, Westmorland and Burlington slate.

For newer projects, we generally recommend Spanish slate. Not only is Spanish slate in keeping with newer projects, but it is also high-quality and cost-effective, and constitutes up to 90% of Europe’s slate buildings.

Burlington Natural Slate – Reclaimed Roofing Slates

Burlington Natural Slate has been quarried in the Lake District for over 300 years and is still produced there to this day. Similar in appearance to Westmorland Natural Slate, yet

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Welsh Slates – Reclaimed Roofing Slates

One of the oldest, finest and more traditional materials used for roofing in England. Welsh Slate is crafted in various sizes, with our range starting at 16 x 8 inches

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Westmorland Natural Slate – Reclaimed Roofing Slates

Westmorland Natural Slate has been quarried in the North-West for the past 400 years. Unique and aesthetically pleasing due to their colour and assortment of sizes, they are a popular

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